February 3, 2008

One Remarkable Thing

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What one thing this week will you do remarkably well?

The important things we do at work and at home should be done well. The unimportant and necessary should be done well enough. Some things merit a remarkable performance.

My next book The Encore Effect: How to Give a Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do will be released in September of this year. The manuscript is already finished.

As my publisher and I debated subtitles, one idea was How to Give a Remarkable Performance in Everything You Do. I was opposed for two reasons: not everything requires a remarkable performance and we aren’t capable of being remarkable at everything we do.

A key to remarkable performance is in knowing both what deserves that extra effort and what things you are passionate about that makes you want to be remarkable at doing them.

If the week ahead holds nothing that either doesn’t deserve a remarkable performance and/or you aren’t particularly motivated to at least attempt at doing remarkably…

…then you better replan your week.

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