November 3, 2007

What Are We Making Space For?

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I’m a plan ahead and work ahead kind of guy. I like to get things done in advance if at all possible. That leaves me some “space.”

But what is the “space” for? What purpose does it serve?

At worst, it makes space for working even further ahead and making more space. This approach becomes a vicious cycle that creates the perception of control but creates just as much pressure and stress as not working ahead.

At best, we make space for enjoyment, reflection and thinking. If I’ve got my Christmas card list done in November, I can, if I’m wise, use the space in December to better enjoy the holidays by spending time with friends and relatives without the worry of “getting my cards out.”

When I’m well prepared for a speech, I can use the evening before to think about and  polish my remarks, and in doing so add a little “extra” in terms of insights and ideas.

If I work ahead so I won’t need to spend Sunday afternoon prepping for my Monday meeting, then I can use the space on Sunday for quality family time.

A workstyle that is anticipatory and well prepared creates space in our lives. We just need to make sure we know how to best use that space we’ve created.

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